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For healthcare facilities, isolation rooms and infection control areas - CSA (US) approved to medical standards

  • The Medicair series is the only portable unit available in the medical field that will automatically adjust the airflow to maintain a predetermined pressure setting.
  • This highly customized microprocessor control system will eliminate the need for hospital personnel to decide at what speed the unit should operate.
  • The unit will automatically maintain negative pressure as well as guarantee a minimum of 12 air changes in rooms as large as 2500 cubic feet (10x30x8) as per the CDC.
  • Working closely with healthcare professionals allowed us to understand their strict requirements and design a highly efficient air purification system that can be deployed in less than 15 minutes and transform a room into an emergency negative pressure environment.





HEPA filter:

Filter Seal:

UV Light:


Sound levels:



45.5”H x 22.25”W x 14.25”D, 175lbs

560 CFM

Multi Layered, 30% Efficient

(2) Gel Sealed Cartridge Filters

LaserBlue Gel

(4) Germicidal UV Bulbs

120V, 60Hz

< 54dbA at Low Speed

Heavy Gauge Welded Steel

Powder Coat Smooth White




  • Automatic control of room pressure via VFD controls
  • HEPA filters are LaserBlue gel sealed,
  • guarantee zero filter bypass of contaminated air.
  • Microprocessor control ensures minimum airflow
  • to maintain negative room pressure
  • Alarms when room pressure not achieved
  • Simple to Install
  • Whisper quiet operation, noise level below 54dbA
  • Decontamination ports
  • CSA (US) approved to medical standard

Microprocessor Alarm Features

Safety Features

  • Inlet to the system is at breathing zone level in an attempt to capture viruses as soon as possible
  • Fans are located on the clean side of the HEPA filter ensuring a clean fan/motor/control section
  • Heavy Duty rubber lockable casters
  • Laser BlueGel: Sealant system guarantees zero filter by -pass
  • Two ports to allow for easy in place decontamination  with vented paraformaldehyde and ammonium  bicarbonate
  • Visual and Audible control system
  • Controls are access code protected making them virtually tamper proof
  • In addition to HEPA filtration , germicidal UV lights are used to help kill the viruses before being exhausted
  • Two extended surface certified HEPA filters are used to minimize pressure drop, noise and filter life cycle
  • CSA (US) Approved to medical standard

** Please note: Specifications / Prices Subject To Change Without Prior Notice **