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White articulating source capture fume extraction arm for the Quatro Air SPH400, SPH800, and CSA 600
fume extraction arms

Compact and maneuverable extraction arm for any application that requires localized removal of dust, particulate matter, hazardous chemicals, fumes, gases, and vapors.


The arm can be installed directly to the table of through a clamp holder to the tabletop or wall.


The self-adjustable frictional joints and swivel allow users to set the arm in the most convenient work position.



  • swivel with a vertical pipe
  • 2 o 3 adjustable pipe-segments
  • adjustable elbow joints


compact and mameuverable source capture articulating extraction arms for the Quatro Air SPH400, SPH800, CSA600

** Please note: Specifications / Prices Subject To Change Without Prior Notice **